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Boku No Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10: A Shock To The System

Assistir Boku no Hero Academia 1x6 Dublado e Legendado Max Séries

The latest episode of Boku no Hero Academia, season 6 episode 10, aired on July 17, 2023, and let’s just say it was quite something. Fans were left in shock as some intense scenes were revealed and the fate of some of the characters was left uncertain. It was an episode full of surprises, and it definitely sent fans into a frenzy. So let’s take a look at the episode, its plot, and the events that took place.

Plot Summary

The episode starts off with the heroes of Class 1-A, led by All Might, in their pursuit of the infamous villainous organization, the League of Villains. All Might is determined to take down the League, and the students of Class 1-A are determined to help him. However, things don’t go as planned, and the heroes soon find themselves in a tricky situation.

The League of Villains has set a trap for the heroes, and they manage to corner them in a narrow alley. The villains have the upper hand and they unleash a powerful attack on the heroes, leaving them battered and bruised. All Might is the only one who is still standing, and he manages to take down some of the villains, but not all of them.

The heroes are forced to retreat, and they regroup to plan their next move. All Might is determined to put an end to the League of Villains once and for all, but the heroes know that it won’t be easy. They decide to split up, with All Might and a few others going after the League of Villains, while the rest of the heroes stay behind to protect their city.

The Showdown

The showdown between All Might and the League of Villains is intense, and All Might is pushed to his limits. He manages to take down some of the villains, but he is eventually overwhelmed by their sheer numbers and strength. The League of Villains is on the brink of victory, but then something unexpected happens.

The heroes of Class 1-A arrive, just in the nick of time, and they launch an all-out attack on the villains. The heroes, led by All Might, manage to put an end to the League of Villains’ reign of terror, and the city is saved. However, the episode ends with a cliffhanger, as it is unclear what will happen to the heroes and their city.


Boku no Hero Academia season 6 episode 10 was definitely an intense episode, and it certainly left fans in shock. The heroes of Class 1-A managed to save the day, but it is unclear what the future holds for them and their city. We can only speculate what will happen next, but one thing is for sure: Boku no Hero Academia will continue to be an amazing show with intense and thrilling episodes.