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Anime Tonikaku Kawaii Is An Unforgettable And Unique Anime Series In 2023

Tonikaku Kawaii lanza una ilustración especial de Tsukasa — Kudasai

Anime Tonikaku Kawaii is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kenjiro Hata. The series was first published in October 2018. In 2023, the series is still going strong and gaining more and more fans as it progresses. Tonikaku Kawaii, which means “Fly Me To The Moon” in Japanese, has become a fan-favorite anime series for its unique combination of comedy and romance.

The story of Tonikaku Kawaii follows the adventures of a young girl named Nasa Yuzaki. Nasa is an intelligent and determined high school student who dreams of becoming an astronaut one day. She is also a huge fan of science, especially astronomy. One day, while looking up at the night sky, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious young man named Tsukasa.

Nasa and Tsukasa quickly become friends and soon develop a romantic relationship. The series follows their adventures as they explore the world of science and romance. From attending space camp to building a rocket, Tonikaku Kawaii is packed with funny and heartfelt moments that will make viewers laugh and cry.

Characters in Tonikaku Kawaii

The characters in Tonikaku Kawaii are some of the most unique and lovable in all of anime. Nasa is a determined and intelligent young girl who loves science and dreams of becoming an astronaut. Tsukasa is a mysterious young man with a mysterious past. He is a kind-hearted and loyal friend to Nasa.

The supporting cast of Tonikaku Kawaii includes other characters such as Nasa’s family, her friends at school, and her teachers. Each character has their own unique personality and story, which makes them even more lovable.

Anime Tonikaku Kawaii’s Animation and Music

The animation and music of Tonikaku Kawaii are both top-notch. The animation has a unique, hand-drawn style that is pleasing to the eyes. The music is also very memorable and adds a lot of emotion to the series. The opening and ending themes are both incredibly catchy and have become fan-favorites.

Tonikaku Kawaii is an Unforgettable Series

Tonikaku Kawaii is an unforgettable anime series that will leave viewers with a smile on their face. The unique characters and their stories, the beautiful animation and music, and the heartfelt moments all combine to make Tonikaku Kawaii an unforgettable experience. With its combination of comedy and romance, Tonikaku Kawaii is sure to be remembered by fans for years to come.


Anime Tonikaku Kawaii is an unique and unforgettable anime series that is sure to leave viewers with a smile on their face. With its unique characters and stories, beautiful animation and music, and heartfelt moments, Tonikaku Kawaii is sure to be remembered for years to come. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedy or science fiction, Tonikaku Kawaii is sure to please.