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Anime Review: The Earth-Shattering Adventure Of ‘Dr. Stone’

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The earth-shattering adventure of ‘Dr. Stone’ is an anime based on the manga series of the same name. The anime follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a brilliant prodigy who is the first human to awaken from a 3,700-year petrification. After his awakening, Senku sets out on a mission to revive human civilization by rebuilding science and technology. In the process, he meets a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and goals.

The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all of humanity had been turned to stone by a mysterious green light. The only two people to survive the event were Senku and his friend Taiju Oki. Together, they must work to restore human civilization to its former glory. The anime follows their journey as they come across various obstacles along the way.

A Unique World

The world of Dr. Stone is unique in many ways. It is a world without modern technology and amenities, and the characters must rely on their own ingenuity to advance their cause. This creates a thrilling adventure as they come up with creative solutions to their problems. Additionally, the show takes place in a world with no technology, forcing the characters to rely on their own knowledge and skills to progress.

The art style of the show is also quite unique. It has a distinct cartoonish look, with characters having exaggerated features and bright colors. This helps to further separate the show from its contemporaries and makes it stand out in the anime world.


The characters of Dr. Stone are quite varied. The main character, Senku, is a brilliant prodigy who is determined to restore human civilization. He is joined by his friend Taiju Oki, a strong and determined man who wishes to protect Senku. Other characters include Chrome, a young boy who joins Senku’s cause and helps him with his research, as well as Gen Asagiri, Senku’s rival who also seeks to rebuild human civilization.

The characters have distinct personalities and motivations, making them interesting and unique. Additionally, each character has a unique set of skills and abilities, making them useful in different scenarios. This allows for a wide range of strategies and approaches to the show’s various challenges.


The story of Dr. Stone is quite intriguing. It follows the journey of Senku and his friends as they attempt to restore human civilization. Along the way, they must face various obstacles, such as wild animals and other threats. Additionally, they come across various characters who all have their own motivations and goals. This creates an interesting story with a variety of plot twists and turns.

The show also features a variety of comedic moments, which help to lighten the mood of the show. Additionally, there are a few emotional moments throughout the show, which help to create a more engaging story.


Overall, Dr. Stone is a unique and exciting anime. It follows the journey of Senku and his friends as they attempt to restore human civilization. It features a unique art style, a diverse cast of characters, and a compelling story. It is definitely worth checking out for anyone who is a fan of anime.